Professional Marketing Software At Discounted Rates From SoftwarePro

Businesses of any kind – whether based on the internet or with existing physical branches – relies on an effective marketing strategy to attract customers and to ultimately make sales. Without appropriate marketing plans put into action, the business is doomed to fail.

Multiple marketing tools have been launched on the internet to help businesses get an advantage over their competitors, but for startups and smaller businesses, especially those solely based on the internet, the cost of these tools can be too high.

SoftwarePro is a platform that offers customers access to a range of applications and tools that can be used to streamline the marketing process, at prices that are lower than the usual retail rates of these programs.

Why Buy From Us?

We offer a large number of applications that have all been custom-developed by our experienced marketers and developers. All software that is available on our platform is tailored to help business owners get an advantage in terms of their marketing strategy. The software can be used to find local leads, to improve the search engine rankings of a website, to drive traffic, and ultimately to boost the business’s profit from online marketing efforts.

All of the applications that are offered on our platform comes with full access to the software at a once-off fee. You simply pay the fee listed on the product’s pricing page and will then be provided with access details so that you can sign in to the appropriate platform. The access details will then remain valid without the need to pay any additional fees in the future.

The exception is the membership program – you pay a single monthly fee and get access to all of the applications that we offer. Once you sign up, you can select the software that you would like to use (We currently have several apps as part of our membership program). No separate fees are required, and the monthly price payable is much lower than the amounts billed for the individual programs.

Applications On Our Platform

We offer marketers and website owners with a range of applications. The pricing for these applications are individually available and will always be lower than the price of the product when purchased from their official landing pages.

Earning Points

We offer our customers a convenient point system. When you make a purchase on our website for the first time, you will be provided a user account. Every time you make a purchase for any of the software that we have to offer, points are awarded to your account.

As you accumulate points, you will be able to purchase additional applications from us at discounted rates. Collect enough points on your account, and you will even be able to buy an entire application with a very minimal amount to be paid from your side.

Here is an overview of the applications that you can gain access to, along with their prices:

  • iTrafficX: $35.00 (Original price: $47.00)
  • SecureDash: $35.00 for Deluxe Edition; $49.00 for Pro Edition
  • YouTargetr: $32.00 for Pro Package
  • XMarketer: $29.00 to $49.00, depending on edition
  • XFunnels: $29.00 for Standard Plan; $39.00 for Agency Plan; $49.00 for AI Voice Robot
  • HQWebinar: $30.00 for Personal License; $49.00 for Commercial License
  • Pixamattic: $59.00 (Monthly subscription service)
  • MailElite: $16.00 for FE Edition; $35.00 for Pro Edition
  • Leadmodo: $22.95 (Includes Commercial License)
  • RankMe: $39.00 (Includes Commercial License)
  • SMSBot: $29.00 for FE Edition
  • Localprofits360: $19.00 to $25.00, depending on edition

How To Get Started

Getting started with any of the applications that we offer is quick and easy. Start by visiting our website and take a look at which particular applications you wish to buy. Click on the appropriate application to visit its page. Click the “Buy Now” button to add the product to the cart – view your cart to proceed to the checkout process.

We accept two payment methods, including Credit Card via Stripe. You can also choose to pay with Bitcoin. Once payment is received, access details will be delivered to you via email.


Marketing tools can often greatly reduce the effort and time required to promote a website to its target audience effectively, but can also cost a lot of money. This makes it difficult for startup companies and small businesses to gain access to the tools they need to succeed online. At SoftwarePro, our goal is to make marketing applications more affordable and accessible for the average business owner, offering a range of cloud-based marketing suites at affordable once-off prices.

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