New Software Allows Even Newbies to use Webinars By Simulating "Pre-Recoded" Presentation As Live Webinars & Workshop

Unlimited Attendance, Unlimited Webinars

Broadcast Any Pre-Recorded Video As Live

Run High Quality LIve Webinar Smoothly Without any Lag or Delay

Run Live Like Automated Webinar

Run Encore & Replay with Confidence

Run Paid Webinars Where You Can Charge Attendances

Integration with Zapier

Works with Wordpress, Shopify, Optimizepress, Leadpages, Clickfunnel, Converting & More

Using HQ Webinar is Easy


Click "Create New Webinar"

Select Date & Time

Enter Webinar Name & Description

Share Register Link with your Audience

Start Selling Live Webinars or Live Like Autopilot Webinars Even While you are sleeping

Why HQ Webinar is Strongest of All?

Based on World's Strongest Technology - Blockchain Peer to Peer Technology. Exact Powerful Technology which is used by Slack, Skype, Fb Messenger Platforms.

Forget the Lag or Delay in Webinars, Crystal Clear High Quality Webinars

Tested and effective with 30,000+ Peer Nodes Attendees in Real Time Live Webinar

Super Powered to Hold over 1 Million Live Attendeeson Live, Pre-Recorded or Live Like Webinar

Run Any Kind of Webinar- Live, Live Like Automated, Pre-Recorded, Replay

Integration with Your Favorite Page Builders & Major Apps (Along With Zapier)

Use Our High Converting Templates or inbuilt Page Builder to craft your own beautiful registration, thank you pages

Available for Super Discount Price (1/10th of All Those Major Webinar Solutions Which have only 50% of HQWebinar Features)

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is HQ Webinar different from other webinar applications?

HQ webinar stands out from other webinar apps by providing a platform where both pm recorded as well as live streaming of seminars can be streamed with no lag or delay. You can also hold paid webinars where attendance mud be charged, thereby maximizing profit margins tremendously.

2. Do the attendees need any software or app to download?

No, his is completely browser based platform., so the attendees can show directly in browser without having to download anything.

3. Will I be able to host, attend a webinar in my MAC?

Yes you can. However, to do so, the following system requirement are needed: • Safari 3.0, Firefox 4.0, Google Chrome 5.0 JavaScript enabled) or the latest version of each web browser
• Mac OS X10.6- Snow Leopard or newer
• Intel processor (1GB of RAM or better recommended)
• Cable modern, DSL, or better Internet connection

4. What is the difference between chats and Q&A in a webinar?

The chat feature in the Webinar allows organizers to send private messages to panelists or broadcast messages to all attendees. The Q&A feature,on the other hand, allows attendees to send text questions to organizers and panelists, who can respond with answers privately or to the entire audience.

5. Can I record my webinars for future viewing?

Yes you can! To do so, on your organizer control panel, dick the View menu and select Recording to open the Recording pane. Click the Settings button in the Recording pane and confirm that your Audio and Video options are set appropriately. Click OK to save any new settings. Then, click the Start Recording button to begin recording. Click Stop Recording to pause or stop recording completely. Clicking Start Recording again will continue recording to the same file.

6. Is HQ webinar secure to use?

Yes, HQ Webinar is completely private and secure. All of our features have end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 12S-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.