HQWebinar is a cloud app that will help you run any type of webinars: Live webinars, Like, Encore, Pre-Recorded,  and Replay in high quality and without delay or lag. HQWebinar will stream the webinar on your behalf. You can also create a real time HD Stream webinar. Your webinar can run in HD quality with a strong video distribution system according to any timezone or location.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Since we are offering this product at a steep discount, unfortunately we don’t offer a refund. If you are looking for a refund, you can look to purchase directly from the developers website at a higher price.

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Personal Plan, Commercial License


  • Broadcast any pre-recorded video
  • Run a Webinar without any lag or delay
  • Run live like automated webinar
  • Run encore & replay with confidence
  • Run Paid Webinars
  • Integration with Zapier
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Last Update: April 20, 2020