Find profitable niches within your target audience with the push of a button. Then click one more button to get all the marketing materials you need for that niche.

You’ve got dozens of ideas floating around in your head, you know that they all need the same things. E-mails, landing page copy, social media posts, Google and Facebook Ads, Reddit posts for feedback, a Product Hunt post, maybe a post on HackerNews, newsletters etc.

This app writes all that!

If you haven’t got a business yet and you’re stuck at the idea phase, not to worry! We’ve also got a business idea generator that takes things like:
* your passion,
* a group of people you want to make a business for,
* problems you or other people experience

and then suggests businesses you should start. Once you’ve got a business idea worth exploring, then you can use our other tools to start generating content for it!


*Unlimited Tokens
*AI Marketing Copy Generator
*AI Idea Generator
*Write your newsletters
*Come up with email subject lines
*Create Instagram posts and Twitter tweets
* Give you YouTube video ideas for any niche
*Tell you what to say in the youtube video

Non-refundable. Redemption code provided after payment. Redeem your code from Support provided directly by Developer.

Get Custom Content in Seconds for the following:

* Marketing Plan
Mix and match all of our tools Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, Twitter + more. You name it, we write it
* Image Posts
Tell us what your business does and we’ll make image posts for you.
* Short Posts
Tell us what you or your company does and we will write a short post for you
* Blogs
Everything you need to speed up the time it takes to write on your blog
* Feedback
Use sites like Reddit, Product Hunt or Hackernews to get feedback. We’ll write the copy
* Ads
Come up with a plan to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google. We’ll write all the copy.
* YouTube
Make videos on YouTube faster with our brainstorming tools
* Emails
Write Emails at warp speed. Tell us what you do and we will write subject lines, cold emails, newsletters and more
* Products
Tell us about your product and get copy for it
* Career
Tools to help you make job networking and using things like LinkedIn 100 times faster


* Business Idea Quizzes
* Search & Reports

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