YouTube Premium + YT Music Premium UPGRADE OF YOUR ACCOUNT

• Fast • Reliable • Legal • No Password needed

✓ Watch Videos Ad-Free!
✓ Download Videos straight from the App and watch Offline!
✓ Get Access to YouTube Originals
✓ Play Videos in the Background on mobile devices!
✓ Access to YouTube Music Premium!
✓ Enjoy the Music Streaming Service Ad-Free!
✓ Download Songs and listen offline!
✓ Same Sound Library as Spotify!
✓ Create Playlists, Download Albums and listen to automatically generated Playlists!
✓ Create your own Playlists!

Save 10% paying via Bitcoin. Please ask us for coupon code if paying by Bitcoin. Does not apply to items on sale or in conjunction with any other coupons.

Once the invite has been sent and you have accepted invite, no refunds or chargeback will be allowed. Please allow up to 48 hours to process the order.

No Ads, in none of your Videos.
Watch your Videos without any interruptions in between.
Never again get irritated while enjoying your videos.

Download your Videos to watch them on the go.
On the go? Don’t worry. Simply download your videos and watch them offline.
Entertainment no matter where you are.

Play Videos in the Background
Ever wished to lock your device while the video still is playing in the background?
Well, your wish just has come true.

Access to YouTube Music Premium
YouTube Music is a Streaming-Service just like Spotify,
however with a lot more Songs available and more personal.
YouTube automatically creates Playlist for you based on
your music you are listening to ever get supplied
with fresh music.
The best: YouTube Music Premium allows you to stream all songs
without ads and a download ability & it’s included with your Membership.


How is it done?

We’re going to invite you to one of our family-groups based on the E-Mail Address and the Country of the Account you want to upgrade.
We don’t need a password – Your Password should never be known by somebody else.

After we’ve sent the Invite, the only thing for you to do is to accept in your E-Mail Inbox. After that, your Premium automatically gets applied!

What about Risks and Warranty?

There is absolutely no risk for your Account. All of our Family Accounts are purchased directly from YouTube and are getting billed monthly. Therefore, everything is going on with respecting the rules of YouTube.

Since we’re managing our Families at our own, there won’t be any interruptions in between your period. There won’t be any kickouts unlike other Upgrade Services. As a result, you’re going to enjoy your YouTube Premium Membership just until it runs out.

We’re going to notify you 3 Days before your actual period ends so that you can think of purchasing another membership. If you’re able to extend your membership in time, there won’t be anything for you to do – Simply relax and enjoy a smooth experience.

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  • Watch Videos Ad-Free!
  • Get Access to YouTube Originals
  • Access to YouTube Music Premium!
  • Create your own Playlists!
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Last Update: July 8, 2020
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