• Works on ALL websites
  • Takes just 60 sec to setup
  • Works around the clock, 24/7/365
  • Works discreetly
  • Easy Dash with 10 Tools-In-1
  • Blocks attacks in real time
  • Works Even When You're Away From Your Desk
  • One-Time-Fee, No recurring during the launch period
  • Fully MAC OS & PC Compatible

SecureDash Will Work Around The Clock To Perform The Tasks Of A 10-Person Team For Your Website!

  • DDoS Monitoring – to stop Botnets from targeting you
  • Blocks MySQL Injections – to eliminate “cross-scripting” type of attacks
  • Stops Brute Force Password Hacking – to make it impossible to penetrate your system
  • Closes Down .htaccess Vulnerability – to ensure your file permissions are set correctly
  • Foreign Ping Prevention – to put an end to lurkers, trolls & malicious agents from overseas
  • … Plus 5 other things – scroll down below to see the full list



This 3-Step Security Dashboard Combines 10-Tools-In-1 To Give Your Website Superior Protection From Hackers, Botnets, Spyware, Viruses, Trojans & More…

Here's How SecureDash Works:

(You'll be amazed to see how simple, easy, quick and powerful this is)

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