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We are proud to tell you that Tabfu is already a strong family of over 3000 happy users, who are smoking the competition because of this amazing technology. If you were not vigil enough to get your hands on the previous versions of this technology, then this is the best time to make up for the miss, as this is the 3rd and Ultimate version of Tabfu loaded with all the previous and many powerful new features to get those sales flowing wild

Using Tabfu Ultimate You Can


Convert entire pages into Facebook mini websites.


Convert your eBay store into a Facebook mini website.


Convert your Shopify store into a Facebook mini website.

Yes, we have made it possible! Now you can just copy and paste your website, your eBay/Shopify stores URLs and the system will automatically fetch all the data on your website page, eBay/Shopify stores and will generate a dynamic mini Facebook website on your Facebook page. 

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Using these tabs visitors can

View all of your products or offers in detail inside Facebook.

Interact with your Facebook mini-websites like a live store or
a website page inside Facebook.

Make purchases directly from your Facebook mini website.

Directly opt-in for your offers inside Facebook.



More exposure for your products or offers.


Increases your sales VIA Facebook.


Grabs quality leads VIA Facebook.


Increases engagement VIA Facebook.

Detailed Features


Tabfu Ultimate has the ability to pull data from entire website pages and create dynamic Facebook mini websites using iFrame technology.

Dazzling Analytics

State of the art analytics to track the opt-ins, clicks, social shares, views and a lot more success that you cherish using this amazing software.


Now you can convert your entire eBay store into a dynamic Facebook mini website using Tabfu Ultimate.

Autoresponder Integration

AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, Infusionsoft, GetResponse, and SendReach supported.


Similar as eBay you will also have the power to convert your entire Shopify store into a Facebook mini website.

CRM Integration

Zoho and Salesforce support available to get you organized.

Facebook Ads

Create irresistible Facebook ads using proven to work templates present inside Tabfu Ultimate.

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