Xmarketer Review: AI-Powered Marketing Suite To Boost Your Online Business

Running an online business takes time and effort, which is why turning toward tools that can help you automate certain processes while improving the customer’s experience, is crucial to your success.

Xmarketer is a brand new all-in-one marketing suite on the block, giving you a complete arsenal of tools that can help to automate various marketing and sales processes, while also giving you the ability to connect with your audience like never before.

The Xmarketer suite combines some of the latest technologies and features and integrates them into one platform that takes advantage of voice calls, video calls, and a text-based chat system, to help drive more sales to your business.

The tests that have been done with this system thus far have shown a 500% improvement in the time it takes a business to close a deal with a potential client.
What Is Xmarketer?

Xmarketer promotes itself as a 360° marketing suite that can be used to address all areas of customer interaction and help your business get sales in a faster turnaround time than competitor systems.

The suite comes in the form of a simple chat widget, which can be installed on WordPress website or integrated into the HTML of any other website.
After integration, visitors on your website can start to interact with you in multiple ways – ultimately driving them to buy from you faster and more conveniently.

Xmarketer Features

The artificial-intelligent bots that come integrated with the Xmarketer system are most likely the most impressive feature that we have noticed thus far.
The chatbot allows for deep configurations to be made.

Visitors can easily start a live chat without the presence of a sales consultant and obtain answers to their most important questions.

The system also comes with a complete platform for sending voicemails and videomails, all through the chat unit that can be easily integrated into any existing website.
Visitors on your website can leave a voicemail or videomail within the chat widget.

You are then able to respond to these with your voice or videomails.

With Xmarket, you get a “powerhouse” of tools that gives you the ability to streamline the following processes:

  • Dealing with customer queries
  • Having live video chats with potential customers
  • Building a list of potential leads

The integrated helpdesk system also makes it easier for you to deal with customer requests and inquiries, while automated emails ensure customers are always kept on track with their queries and orders.

Xmarketer Pricing

Pricing for access to the Xmarketer system starts at only $29 for the basic and $49 for the pro suite options. Other options that come with additional features include:

  • XmarketerSuite Explorer Pro @ $29 and Commercial @ $49
  • XmarketerSuite Discovery @ $35

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a way to automate several customer interactions and get sales done faster, then the Xmarketer suite is definitely something you want to take a look at.

The platform comes complete with a chatbot, voicemail features, and even gives you the ability to have face-to-face video calls with your customers.

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