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  • Create beautiful product pages
  • Set up high-converting funnels
  • Use one-click bump offers
  • Fully customized checkout pages
  • Integrate payment gateways

Whether you’re an experienced online entrepreneur, or just starting out, ZKart you sell products, increase ROI and grow your online business.

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Some features of ZKart

One Click Bump Offer
One click bump offers help you increase your earnings per order by adding a quick and easy checkbox, to your purchase pages
Click Downsells
But wait there’s more! Use downsells in your funnels to offer related products quickly and easily in the checkout process.
Embeddable Cart
Embed your ZKart checkout forms on any website, blog or platform! We provide you the custom HTML code and direct link to your product!
Funnel Builder
Our world-class funnel builder helps you create your entire sales process online in one easy platform with ZKart. No need for 3rd party sites anymore.
A/B Testing
It’s important to know what layout is creating a better purchase experience for your buyers so A/B split testing helps you quickly determine what works for the most profit and sales.
Affiliate Center
The built-in affiliate center allows you to recruit an army of people to help promote your products and services!
In-Depth Dashboard
Track key performance indicators (KPI) and other detailed metrics in your ZKart dashboard. Everything is right there at a glance to make your life easier.
Connect your favorite auto responders so that you can set up automated follow up emails for cart abandonment and future sales! It’s like profit on auto pilot.
Apps Integration
From payment processors to Autoresponders we’ve got you covered with integrated applications. Plus, we’ve even made it easy to connect with Zapier for those obscure tools you still love to use.
—Everyone loves the feeling that they’re saving a little bit extra and that’s why we have given you the ability to create coupons quickly and easily in ZKart.
Customer Hub
No need to spend time updating your customer information anymore. The convenient customer hub will allow your buyers to change information on their own without taking your time away from sales and support.
Detailed Stats
Detailed stats help you track the behavior of your customers in the buying process as well as your inventory, sales and profits.
2 Factor Authentication
Keep your cart safe and secure with 2-factor authentication.
Two-Step Cart
The two-step cart allows you to help buyers ease into the process and still capture contact info if they abandon the checkout process.
Knowledge Base
—The answers you need, when you need them. Our robust knowledge base helps give people the answers on every aspect of functionality in the ZKart platform.
Customer Support
Don’t let hiccups slow you down. You can expect top-notch support with ZKart and we even take it one step further. You’ll have a dedicated support agent who works to take care of your needs.
Apps Integration You can integrate with the Autoresponders listed below. Once connected, you can set up behavior rules in your products to add customers to mailing list, tag them when their subscription is cancelled and much more !
Create beautiful product pages With ZKart, you can create beautiful product pages using the intuitive, drag’n’drop page builder.
Set up high-converting funnels The most effective way to maximize your customers’ lifetime value is set up funnels. ZKart allows you to set up high-converting funnels with absolute ease so can maximize your conversions.
Use one-click bump offers The best time to present a customer with an upsell is when they are just about to check out at as that’s when they are “buy ready”. With this powerful sales-boosting option, you can easily grow your business.
Fully customized checkout pages Giving your buyers a fully customized experience from beginning to end is key and that’s exactly what you can do by customizing even the very last things your buyers will see on your site, which are the checkout pages.
Integrate payment gateways If you’re selling products, you want to get paid - obviously. ZKart lets you integrate with the major payment processors so you can get paid easily. Integration is easy and happens in just a few clicks.
Affiliate Management System To really grow your business, you need affiliates who do the selling for you. And whether it is one affiliate or an entire army of them, ZKart let’s easily manage your affiliates, pay them and grow your business. Even complex, split-payment JV contracts are possible.
Ad Pixel Management The more targeted your ads, the higher your conversions. With ZKart’s ad pixel management, you can track your campaigns and ensure that your campaigns and ad spend are perfectly optimized.
With ZKart’s amazing set of features, you’ll be able to boost your profit margins exponentially. Be it the beautiful sales and checkout pages, cart abandonment and a lot more, ZKart has you covered. Want to see ZKart and its awesomeness in action for yourself? Well, awesome - we’d love to show you more. Check out the demo of ZKart in the video below and check it out while being prepared to be mind-blow.
See ZKart in action below
SAVE big when you get ZKart Today! Get Access Case study #1 Many shoppers abandon their orders due to a complicated or drawn-out checkout process Case study #2
Vendor Features


Beautiful High Converting Sales Pages
Paypal Integration
Stripe Integration
RazorPay Integration
Email Integrations 9 Services 12 Services 4 Services
Split Pay
Partner/JV Contracts
Customizable Checkout Pages
Customizable Checkout Pop-Ups
Customizable Checkout Form Embed
Vendor-Branded Affiliate Links check
Integrated Licensing System
Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
Fully Customizable Transactional Emails
1-Click Payment Testing
Order Bumps
Coupon Codes
Shipping/Fulfillment Integration
Uptime Monitoring*
Instant Commissions
Custom Commission % per Affiliate
Campaign / Sub-ID Tracking
Affiliate Program
Single Sign-In Affiliate Account check
Manual & Auto-Approval Options
Promotional Material Area
Vendor Stats & Notifications
Affiliate Stats & Notifications
Affiliate Request/Approval
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